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Bridging the work of field scientists and the needs of data re-users

Rosati, Antonia 1 ; Yarmey, Lynn 2


The National Science Foundation requires Principal Investigators to make the data they collect and create publically available. To assist PIs with this requirement, NSF funded the Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (ACADIS). ACADIS houses data from the Division of Polar Programs (PLR), provides data management assistance to PIs, and advances search and data discovery tools. In short, ACADIS exists for NSF Arctic researchers by providing a safe home for data and encouraging data reuse.

ACADIS is a group of specialist organizations comprised to create a repository of Arctic data that encompasses spatial, temporal, and attribute granularity of data so that “big science” and “small science” may better integrate. The ACADIS project fosters scientific synthesis and discovery by providing services that make data from multiple disciplines freely available for access and analysis. ACADIS provides the arctic research community with data archival and data management services as well as value-added products to make the data more useful to more people. Essentially, the goal is to improve the usability and interdisciplinary re-use of arctic data.

But just putting a data file online is not useful enough. Many researchers and data providers understand their own data so intimately that it may seem that all the necessary information is contained in the file structure itself. This is clearly not the case with re-use. Placing the data and research in the greater scientific context is vital.

ACADIS is a far-reaching program that provides assistance with data submission, data preservation and data sharing services. This poster discusses the various tools and services available through ACADIS. These include pieces from each step of the research process – from proposal writing to meeting NSF requirements to maximizing citations.

ACADIS, funded by NSF, is a joint effort by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). For more information about ACADIS; to send feedback; or to submit, retrieve and search data; please visit their website, contact, or call 720-443-1409.

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