Deadlines & availability

30 April 2021 - Abstracts due

30 June 2021 - Registration due

Register and submit your abstract early. We have limited physical space for less than 135 attendees. The exact limit depends on coronavirus and we will work with Chico Hot Springs to make sure that we do not overcommit the space. If you plan to attend, please register as soon as your circumstances allow.

Once the talk slots are filled, your only presentation option will be a poster. Late registration and presentation options will be offered if space is still available, but likely only for a poster.

All abstracts—early and late—will be reviewed by the Program Committee. When our attendance limit is met, you can sign up for the waitlist.

View abstracts

Accepted abstracts will be viewable after the abstract deadline

View individual abstracts

A team of scientists - one wearing a cowboy hat - struggle to extract an ice core from an ice patch. Fall brown tundra is in the background

How to submit

Register first

Upon registering, you will be emailed a web page address (URL) for submitting your abstract.

Provide details, but within 4000 characters

Consider taking this rare opportunity to publish a longer-than-usual, extended abstract. But make sure it fits within the 4000-character limit, including spaces.

Include References (optional)

You can include up to 700 additional characters for references, including spaces.

Include Figures (optional)

You can include up to 2 figures in gif, jpg, or png image format only (no pdf etc). Figures should be at least 1000 pixels tall or wide (so printed version looks reasonable). Use large font sizes on figures for legibility, especially when your figure is shrunk for print. Maximum file size is 10Mb.

Agree to a review

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee. They reserve the right to request alterations or a retraction.

A possible wooden artifact is strapped to a thin plastic corrugated sheet for protection. The wood was recovered from a completely melted ice patch in northwestern Wyoming.

What to submit

We invite you to submit research oriented toward human dimensions of glacial and ice patch environments at any latitude and on any continent.

New or previously presented research

Submitting a poster or talk that you have already presented at another conference is fine, as long as it does not violate any agreement you made with the other conference.

Talks vs Posters

Request a talk or poster when submitting your abstract. Keep in mind that talk slots are limited and will be finalized after the abstract submission deadline. If necessary, some attendees will be asked to change their proposed talk to a poster presentation. Keep in mind that the poster session will be very engaging and held at the Mammoth Hotel in Wyoming after the Thursday afternoon field trip.

A female archaeologist in a purple down coat walks on a rocky surface along the melting edge of an ice patch in the Tetons, looking for artifacts.


Fit within 1.5m width

Posters should be no larger than 1.5m x 1.5m. Many authors limit their poster height to less than 1m to maximize eye-height readability for both taller and shorter vistors.

Bring poster on Thursday field trip

Be sure to bring your poster on the Thursday afternoon field trip to Gardiner (Montana) & Mammoth (Wyoming). Put up your poster as early as possible at the Mammoth Hotel. Special tape will be available.

Experiment with poster design?

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about better posters in the scientific community. If you’re curious about what this might mean for your poster, explore the movement via a Forbes article and a twitter thread by Colin Purrington. Regardless of your approach, the audience will appreciate seeing a clear statement of your key message supported by visual evidence.


Keep within the (TBA) time limit

The exact time limit will be announced after the deadline. It's likely to be in the 10-20 minute range.

Upload PowerPoint or Keynote files

Use either PowerPoint (PC or Mac) or Apple Keynote (Mac). Use common system fonts or embed your fonts. Your registration confirmation email will include a URL for uploading your talk file.

Reconsider talk and slide structure?

Even experienced speakers will benefit from seeing this set of short videos about effective presentations by Michael Alley at Penn State. Based on cognitive science and research on presentation structures, one of Alley’s recommendations is to avoid PowerPoint’s default templates. He suggests replacing a slide title's topic phrase with a short sentence that summarizes the slide’s key message. And instead of bullet points, he advocates using visual evidence.

Update your abstract

Want to change something after submitting your abstract?

Return to the same web page address (URL) emailed to you upon registration. To ensure your updates appear in the printed Program & Abstracts volume, make changes before the deadline.

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