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Most events will be held at the Chico Hot Springs Resort (Pray, Montana), starting with a Tuesday evening Icebreaker. Exceptions include afternoon field trips on Wednesday and Thursday. At the end of the Thursday trip, a poster session will be held at the Mammoth Hotel, Wyoming. Poster presenters should bring their posters with them on the Thursday afternoon trip.


  • Tue. 7th - Icebreaker

    Check-in and Icebreaker

    5:00 - 8:00 pm
    Chico Hot Springs Resort conference center

    Historic large meeting room with exposed beams and high open ceiling.
  • Wed. 8th - Sessions


    Time will be posted later

    Morning talks

    Information about the talks will be posted later. The morning will also include a discussion of the future of the Journal of Glacial Archaeology (JOGA).

    Plenary lunch presentation

    Time will be posted later

    Portait of Aaron Brien, with short hair and glasses, wearing a woven cowboy hat

    “Where They Made A Bed: Understanding fasting culture of the Apsáalooke and its connection to high-altitude sites”

    Aaron Brien -
    Faculty, Research Coordinator, Indigenous Research Center, Salish Kootenai College

    On Wednesday, Brien will provide a basic understanding of a type of high-altitude archaeological site represented by the cultural practice of fasting, often referred to as "vision questing". He will share the spiritual importance of these high places for the Apsáalooke peoples and the elements that make these places important, ranging from animals to snow and ice.

    Mid-afternoon field trip

    Northward trip ending in the little town of Wilsall, Montana.

    • See a bison drive site.
    • Visit the internationally significant, late-Pleistocene child burial known as the Anzick Clovis site.

    The drive from Chico to Wilsall, when done without stops, takes about an hour (55 miles). Be prepared for any weather. We will be walking short distances, occasionally across some uneven but mostly flat surfaces.

    Tour guides include Dr. Shane Doyle.

    Cattle on a grassy field with mountains above and a partly cloudy summer sky.

    Image: Cattle ranch not far from Wilsall. Photo: fritzmb (flickr).

    Wednesday Dinner

    “The Bank Bar & Vault Restaurant” in Wilsall, Montana.
    (Transport by Karst stage shuttle)

  • Thu. 9th - Sessions

    Morning talks

    Information will be posted later

    Plenary lunch presentation

    Time and title will be posted later

    Portait of D. Lynette St. Clair, with dark hair and wearing a dark-colored top.

    Dumuh Newe' dus Beeya Sogope: Our People and Mother Earth”

    D. Lynette St. Clair -
    Shoshone, Indian Education Director & Cultural Preservationist

    On Thursday, St. Clair will provide a tribal perspective of the Eastern Shoshone people and their connection to the land and the Greater Yellowstone area.

    Important reminder

    Bring your poster on the Thursday afternoon field trip.

    Mid-afternoon field trip

    Southward trip to Gardiner, Montana & Mammoth, Wyoming.

    • Stroll around the Mammoth Terrace boardwalk.
    • Visit the Yellowstone Heritage Center.
    • View the “Archaeology On Ice” and “Archaeology Out of Ice” exhibits.

    The drive from Chico to Mammoth, when done without stops, takes about an hour (37 miles). Be prepared for any weather. We will be walking short distances, across a few uneven surfaces, but mostly on a smooth trail, boardwalk, and indoors.

    Steaming mineral deposits form mottled white and brown terraces overlooking evergreen forests and mountains.

    Mammoth Hot Springs. Photo: Todd Cravens (Unsplash).

    Poster session

    Mammoth Hotel

    Thursday Dinner

    Mammoth Hotel.
    (Transport by Karst stage shuttle)

  • Fri. 10th - Sessions

    Morning talks

    Information will be posted later


    You are own your own for lunch on Friday. There are several food options at the Resort, more in Chico proper, and still more within a short drive.

    Afternoon talks

    Information will be posted later

    Friday Dinner

    Conference Banquet (Chico Hot Springs)

    Banquet Talk

    Portait of Aaron Brien, with short hair and glasses, wearing a woven cowboy hat

    “Glacial archaeology and human use of high altitudes in the Mongolian Altai”

    Dr. William Taylor -
    Curator of Archaeology, Assist. Professor of Anthropology, Univ. of Colorado Boulder

    From early human dispersals to the rise of Genghis Khan, Mongolia's high mountains have played a key role in some of humanity's most important social and environmental transitions. However, a coherent understanding of the region's past is hampered by the scarcity of the archaeological record, which has been worn thin through millennia of grazing and active geology. High altitude permanent snow and ice accumulations, known as ice patches, are a rare exception - preserving unique insights into the environmental and cultural history of Mongolia's alpine areas... More info

    Banquet sponsor:
    The Alpine Science Institute at Central Wyoming College is a sustainably-minded field school for Outdoor Education, Anthropology, Outdoor Recreation, Environmental Science, and Expedition Science. ASI is located in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains.

  • Sat. 11th - Optional Tour

    Optional post-conference tour of Yellowstone National Park

    All-day Saturday tour for $65/person. Maximum of 52 people per tour option.

    Ice Patch Option: Yellowstone National Park Lamar Valley and 3 km hike to an ice patch

    Geyser Basin Option: Yellowstone National Park Loop, including geyser basins and Yellowstone Lake

    To secure a spot, buy your tour while registering. You can add a tour later only if space is still available.

    Add Tour to your Registration

    image 1: Small ice patches high in the Greater Yellowstone Area.  Image 2: Intense orange mineral deposits ring a big blue hot spring in Yellowstone.


    Tours will leave from Chico Hot Springs. Departure time and other details will be posted later. Lunch is provided.

    Ice Patch Option - Be prepared for any weather. We will make a number of stops in Lamar Valley. The main stop will be for the ice patch. Although getting there only requires a short walk (3km round trip), it is not on a trail. All walking will be on uneven, alpine vegetation. There will be some rolling hills, but no major elevation gain. The ice patch is at an elevation of about 10,500 ft (3200 m).

    Geyser Basin Option - Be prepared for any weather. We will make a number of stops in the geyser basins and Yellowstone Lake. There will be a series of short walks on mostly flat ground.

    Saturday evening drop off

    After the tour, you can be dropped off at Chico (early evening) or in Bozeman at the Hilton hotels (ca. 8:00 PM). People with rental cars may want to leave them in Chico for the day until drop off.

    Chico Hot Springs Resort   Bozeman Hilton hotels  

Alcohol Policy

Finances for the conference are run through the University of Colorado at Boulder, who require this notice: As per the laws of the State of Colorado and the policies of the University of Colorado Boulder, all registrants should be aware that some portion of the registration fee will be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Code of Conduct

Everyone is entitled to a safe and harassment-free experience when participating in the Frozen Pasts 5 conference and activities.

See Code of Conduct

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