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Monday Seminar: Summer time temperatures in the western US over the last ~80 million years: Insights

Monday, September 25, 2017, 12:15PM - 1:15PM


Katie Snell



SEEC room S228 (Sievers room)

Full title

Summer time temperatures in the western US over the last ~80 million years: insights into terrestrial response to global climate and elevation change


New paleotemperature proxies have yielded a wealth of temperature estimates for terrestrial regions. However, results from these new proxies highlight the complexities inherent in terrestrial paleotemperature reconstruction. I will present a compilation of new and existing paleotemperature records in the western US and evaluate whether the variability of terrestrial temperatures precludes regional trends from following global trends and how this framework may improve reconstructions of paleoelevation from paleoclimate data. In particular, I will show how development of a spatial and temporal framework of paleotemperature provides critical context needed to generate more robust climate averages with which to estimate ancient elevation, and discuss the importance of accounting for depositional environments in interpreting terrestrial paleotemperature. 


Free and open to the public.