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INSTAAR seminar: What can we do about climate change?

Monday, February 19, 2018, 12:15PM - 1:15PM


Rob Motta


Sievers Conference Room (SEEC S228)

4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder

We all know how serious climate change is, and we probably all wonder “what can we do about it?”  Change our light bulbs out to LEDs?  Bike to work?  Call our legislator—and ask them to do what?  Should I even be involved in advocacy—won’t that hurt my credibility?

Come to this talk to hear about the plan that the Citizens Climate lobby has for addressing climate change – the fee and dividend approach.  How would this plan work?  What would be the costs and benefits?  Has any country in the world tried an approach like this before?  How can we help get this enacted in the US?

We will also give you a sneak peak of the new climate change website we are developing that is aimed at answering the question “what can we do about climate change?”, and tell you why we chose to link to the Citizens Climate Lobby.

Coffee hour

Refreshments will be served starting at 11:45.


Free and open to the public.