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Grad student seminar: Semester kickoff, mini workshop on definitions, setting norms and goals

Thursday, January 21, 2021, 2:00PM - 3:00PM

This semester, the grad student seminar series is organized by Eric Kennedy, Ethan Burns, and Holly Olivarez. The series will continue the antiracism dialogue and work of the past semester and combine it with student research presentations and a bit of socializing. The "theme" for the semester is Decolonizing Research, around which we are planning speakers and workshops. We will also invite our student presenters to incorporate this theme into their presentations.

We are excited to create a productive and supportive space for INSTAAR grads (and anyone else who wants to join!) to gather and share periodically throughout Spring. 
Here's what we will discuss this afternoon:

  • Schedule and plans for future meetings
  • Update from JEDI task force
  • Update from Directorate
  • Definitions and setting norms and goals for the group

Zoom connection link:

Hope to see you there!