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INSTAAR seminar: Nuria Catalan - Organic carbon processing across inland waters under global change

Monday, April 26, 2021, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Nuria Catalan

USGS and CNRS, France

Full title

Organic carbon processing across inland waters under the light of global change


A major contributor to the uncertainties in climate change predictions is the unresolved evolution of carbon (C) sources and sinks. In the last decades, inland waters have been integrated as a relevant component of the global C cycle, not as mere conduits of the C fixed by terrestrial vegetation towards the oceans, but as active reactors of this C during its transport. That was a major advance in the C cycling conceptualization and set the focus on the paramount question: do freshwaters substantially offset the continental carbon sink? This major gap grants further research in several fronts, like on the mechanisms and kinetics of carbon decomposition, on the variability and controls of processing along river networks or on better understanding the functioning of ecosystems particularly vulnerable to climate change. Here, I will present our research aiming to contribute to fulfill parts of that gap through the study of organic carbon transformations in diverse freshwater ecosystems.


All are welcome to attend the talk. Please email for the Zoom link and password.