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Wilderness first aid course

Monday, June 07, 2021 at 12:00AM - Tuesday, June 08, 2021 at 12:00PM


Mountain Research Station

818 County Road 118, Nederland, Colorado

The Mountain Research Station is hosting a Wilderness First Aid class (WFA) on June 7th and 8th this year.

We are offering a NOLS Wilderness Medicine curriculum.  The certification is good for two years. Topics covered include patient assessment system, emergency and evacuation plans, spine injury, head injury, shock, wilderness wound management, musculoskeletal injury, heat illness, cold injury, lightning, altitude illness, medical patients, anaphylaxis.

Whether spending time in the backcountry is your passion or your profession, you should never have to ask, "What do I do now?" In this fast-paced and hands-on course, you will learn how to prepare for the unexpected. In just two days, you will have the knowledge, skills and ability to make sound decisions in emergency situations. This course is ideal for field scientists, trip leaders, outdoor enthusiasts and individuals in remote locations.

Course cost is $183.00 per person. Class size is limited to 15 persons. (And we are taking steps to ensure the class complies with all current University and NOLS COVID-19 guidance). 

To reserve a space; please send an email to with your name, contact information, and project or speed-type to cover the course cost. (You may also pay with cash or check made out to the University of Colorado if your project/department/institution is not covering the cost.)

Our instructor this year will be Mike Zawaski. Mike is an outdoor educator, college instructor, field-researcher, and climber who has been bridging formal and informal education with the outdoors for 25 years. He holds a PhD from CU Boulder in geology, has surveyed Inca monuments for their astronomical significance, and has worked courses for Outward Bound climbing glaciated peaks, rafting down rivers, and kayaking on the ocean for 22 years. This is Mike's 21st year with NOLS Wilderness Medicine. He has a long history in wilderness risk management as a wildland firefighter/EMT, and member of Yosemite NP Search and Rescue, plus he is the author of Snow Travel through the Mountaineers Books Outdoor Expert series. 

More information about the class can be found at

(A final note, if there is enough interest, we may be able to host a second class in early July. If you can’t make these dates or if the class fills before you can commit, please get in touch!)