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INSTAAR seminar: Aparna Bamzai-Dodson - Engaging with stakeholders to produce actionable science

Monday, September 20, 2021, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Aparna Bamzai-Dodson


Full title

Engaging with stakeholders to produce actionable science: A framework and guidance


Climate change is already impacting natural and cultural resources throughout the US and globally. Resource managers are turning to the scientific community for actionable tools and guidance on how best to adapt to current and projected future conditions. The social science of how to create actionable adaptation science is a growing field of inquiry that has already demonstrated that effective climate services require researchers to engage science end-users to understand the decision context, the need for evidence, and the usability of the information. However, terms to describe the engagement of stakeholders in climate adaptation research (e.g., co-production) are used imprecisely in the literature and often span a range of different approaches. The author presents a conceptual framework to characterize common stakeholder engagement approaches used to conduct actionable climate adaptation research. The framework is intended to both provide a standardized vocabulary for describing engagement and help researchers navigate and select the approach that might best fit their objectives.


All are invited - contact for the Zoom link or to be added to our seminars listserv.