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Noon seminar - The allure and lure of science

Monday, January 30, 2012, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Ryan Vachon


ARC room 620

Science plays an increasingly important role in our society to help explain the natural world around us and inside us. Greater understanding can feed the engines for enviro-socio-economic advances. As we use ever more complex tools to produce more accurate models and more robust findings, the very intricacies of our discipline and the language of our science can alienate us from the audience who could most benefit from the insight that our science provides.

There are numerous advantages to sharing science with the public, from increasing global awareness about earth systems to greasing the skids with existing and potential funders. But successfully accomplishing this task has become a science in and of itself. During this talk we will examine the role of cutting-edge science in society and what has proven effective or ineffective for reaching out with information to given populations. We can no longer avoid the most pressing question, “Does awareness result in action?” We will discuss simple methods to better reach target audiences presenting specific initiatives to empower both the public and policy makers with information for wise decision-making.