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A tale of two cities: How New York and Miami are responding to sea level rise

Monday, May 05, 2014, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Rob Motta


ARC room 620


Sea level rise poses significant challenges for the U.S. This study looks at how two distinctly different areas are responding—New York City and Southern Florida. How are they estimating the sea level rise in their area? How far ahead are they looking? Have they conducted impact assessments and what are the results of these assessments? How are they planning to deal with sea level rise—accommodate, protect or retreat? These are the issues and questions that Rob is looking into, and his presentation will review the results to date of his project.


Rob is a volunteer at INSTAAR, pursuing his passion of climate change. He has worked in various positions at Chrysler Corporation, the National Renewable Energy Lab, and most recently Woodward in Loveland, Colorado. His experience includes research and development of alternative fuel engines and vehicles, product marketing, project management, risk analysis, and training. Rob started as a volunteer at INSTAAR in February 2013.


Free and open to the public.