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Monday Noon Seminar - Estimates of biological production, air-sea CO2 exchange and acidification...

Monday, October 20, 2014, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Dave Munro



ARC room 620

Full title

Estimates of biological production, air-sea CO2 exchange and acidification in the Southern Ocean from time series observations in the Drake Passage


The Southern Ocean accounts for a significant fraction of global ocean carbon uptake and may be particularly vulnerable to ocean acidification. A 12-year time series from Drake Passage provides an extensive record of change in the Southern Ocean including underway observations of the partial pressure of CO2 in surface water (pCO2surf), SST, and salinity and discrete measurements of total CO2 (TCO2), PO43-, and Si(OH)4. Underway and discrete observations are used to estimate surface pH, carbonate ion concentration (CO32-), and the saturation states of aragonite (Ωarag) and calcite (Ωcalc) and time series trends are compared to analyses for the entire Southern Ocean as well as other ocean time series sites. Estimates of Ekman transport, wind stress curl, and vertical entrainment are combined with underway and discrete observations to estimate net community production (NCP) over the length of the time series. NCP estimates from observations are compared to estimates based on satellite observations.


Free and open to the public.