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Monday Noon Seminar - Freezing resistance of alpine plants: Evolutionary trends

Monday, December 01, 2014, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Petr Sklenář

Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Charles University in Prague


ARC room 620

Full title

Freezing resistance of alpine plants: Evolutionary trends between tropical and temperate species


Tropical alpine climate is characterized by lack of thermal seasonality and pronounced daily fluctuation of temperature along with frequent night frosts. Plants inhabiting tropical high mountains deal with a permanent risk of freezing temperatures by a number of distinct adaptations, which include freezing avoidance by transient supercooling and extracellular freezing tolerance. Freezing resistance mechanisms of alpine plants inhabiting the equatorial Andes will be discussed in the context of the evolutionary history of the Andean flora which has developed from two major sources, i.e., tropical plants that mostly colonized the alpine habitats from cool but frost-free montane forest, and plant groups that immigrated in the equatorial Andes from temperate regions with seasonal climate and cold winters.


Free and open to the public.