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Monday Seminar - Tropospheric ozone: Seasonal cycles, trends as tests for chemistry climate models

Monday, October 05, 2015, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


David Parrish



ARC room 620

Chemistry-climate models (CCMs) are ambitious efforts to synthesize virtually our entire knowledge of atmospheric chemistry. They provide calculations of atmospheric composition through the depth of the atmosphere over the entire globe. The models can simulate not only present-day conditions, but also provide reproductions of the past and predictions of the future. Thus, these models can generally address all questions relating to the concentrations of atmospheric species and their variability in location and time. However, these models are so complex that it is difficult to judge the confidence to place on the answers provided. The goal of this talk is to critically and quantitatively compare measured aspects of the tropospheric O3 distribution with those calculated by three example CCMs, focusing on seasonal cycles and long-term concentration changes observed at a variety of approximately baseline sites throughout the globe.


Free and open to the public.