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Seminar: Social + Environmental Issues in Tibet, China

Thursday, May 12, 2016, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Seminar: Social + Environmental Issues in Tibet, China


Tsering Norbu

The Pendeba Society, Tibet Autonomous Region


SEEC Auditorium

4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO


Pendebas, in the Tibetan language, are “workers who benefit the village.” In this program villages select representatives to begin with a sequence of training experiences in family health, entrepreneurship, reforestation, and agriculture. Pendebas, with their new skills, then help villagers improve village life, especially gathering villagers into “action groups” where they combine their energies and resources. The project was jointly initiated by the Future Generations and The Department of Forestry of TAR in 1994, and it ended in 2007 due to expiration of the agreement between the two parties. Fortunately, a locally owned organization—the Pendeba Society—was approved by the Shigatse Civil Affairs Bureau and was established in 2009, continuing to keep up the unique legacy from the Future Generations. It is one of the first international programs that was localized as a Chinese local NGO.

Under Mr. Tsering Norbu’s leadership, the Pendeba Society has earned support from and active participation of local communities as well as attention and recognition from the broader society, playing a leading role in charity and non-profit sector in the Tibet Autonomous Region. In 2012, the Pendeba Society was conferred as 5 A Grade (top grade) Social Organization of TAR. In September 2013, the Pendeba Society was approved as a provincial level social organization, and with this status programs can be carried out across the entire TAR, providing a strong driver for the organization’s development in its future endeavors. It was selected as a winner of the Equator Prize 2014 by UNDP.


An ethnic Tibetan, Mr. Tsering Norbu was born in Shigatse Prefecture in the western part of Tibet in 1978. He received his Master’s degree in Applied Community Change and Conservation from Future Generations Graduate School. Mr. Tsering Norbu has over 20 years’ experiences in the field of environmental protection and community development. He served as Program Officer for the Management Bureau in the Qomolangma (Mt. Everest) National Nature Preserve (QNNP) as well as for The Mountain Institute’s Qomolangma Conservation Program. Later he worked as Pendeba Program Coordinator at Future Generations China Program. Driven by his passion for his hometown development and the nature, Tsering Norbu engaged extensively in environmental conservation and public welfare activities. In 2006, Mr. Tsering Norbu resigned from his stable civil servant position and became fully devoted to the philanthropic sector. After three years of consistent effort and keen enthusiasm, Mr. Tsering Norbu founded the Pendeba Society: the first registered NGO in the Shigatse region, and has been serving as the organization’s Executive Director till now.


Free and open to the public.