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As ice melts, Greenland could become big sand exporter: Study

Greenland could start to export sand in a rare positive spinoff from global warming that is melting the island's vast ice sheet and washing large amounts of sediment into the sea, scientists said on Monday.

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Sand from glacial melt could be Greenland’s economic salvation

As climate change melts Greenland’s glaciers and deposits more river sediment on its shores, an international group of researchers has identified one unforeseen economic opportunity for the Arctic nation: exporting excess sand and gravel abroad, where raw materials for infrastructure are in high demand.

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Today’s Earth looks a lot like it did 115,000 years ago. All we’re missing is massive sea level rise

New research (including from INSTAAR and NSIDC) suggests the planet is already paralleling the most recent major warm period in its past. Now the only question is how fast Antarctica could collapse.

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A water quality mystery, solved in Antarctica

In one of the coldest, driest places on Earth, CU Boulder scientists have developed a possible answer to a longstanding mystery about the chemistry of streamflow, which may have broad implications for watersheds and water quality around the world.

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Four seasons: Colorado water in a changing climate, Part 1: The life and death of snow

Over the next year, The Colorado Independent will examine, season by season, the effects climate change is having on the state’s water supply and the many forms of life it sustains. This story shows the impact of climate change on snow, as winters are warming and mountain regions bear the brunt of the immediate consequences. Features INSTAAR Noah Molotch.

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These Arctic glaciers are smaller than ever before in human history

On Baffin Island, "unprecedented" summer warmth over the last century is shrinking its glaciers, reports a new study from INSTAARs and others in Nature Communications.

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