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November 23rd, 2007

Atmospheric monitoring course taught to international group of scientists

Detlev Helmig was invited by Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) and the Umweltbundesamt (German Environmental Protection Agency) to teach a course on monitoring of atmospheric volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to an international group of scientists, including participants from several eastern European countries, Algeria, Kenya, and Indonesia. He taught the course in Germany in November 2007: it focused on techniques for monitoring VOCs at their atmospheric background levels typically observed at GAW-Network sites. Lectures also covered the role of VOCs in atmospheric oxidation chemistry, and their utility in studying pollution sources and transport. A course like this is offered annually to invited participants from GAW-Network stations to further develop their training in the monitoring of important atmospheric and climate-forcing gases. For more than three years INSTAAR’s Atmospheric Research Laboratory (ARL), led by Helmig, has collaborated with NOAA’s Global Monitoring Division in Boulder to operate a global, 40-station VOC monitoring program. With more than 10,000 air samples (~3000 samples annually) analyzed to date, this program is the centerpiece of the GAW-VOC network.