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December 7th, 2017

INSTAAR at AGU: Find us at our talks and posters at #AGU17

Monday, 11 December


C11C-0931: Impacts and societal benefits of research activities at Summit Station, Greenland. Robert L Hawley, John F. Burkhart, Zoe Courville, Jack E Dibb, Lora Koenig, and Bruce H Vaughn. Poster Hall D-F

H11D-1213: Spatial and temporal patterns in ecohydrological separation. Stephanie K Jarvis, Holly R Barnard, Kamini Singha, Ryan Ellis Harmon, and Daphne Szutu. Poster Hall D-F


A11Q-07: Observation-based modelling and analysis of O3 Production in the Seoul Metropolitan Area during KORUS-AQ. Jason Schroeder, James H Crawford, Alan Fried, Andrew John Weinheimer, Donald Ray Blake, Nicola J Blake, Armin Wisthaler, Gangwoong Lee, and Joon-Young Ahn. 395-396

13:40 - 13:55

A13O-01: Tropospheric ozone and its precursors at Summit, Greenland: Comparison between observations and model simulations. Yaoxian Huang, Shiliang Wu, Louisa J Kramer, Detlev Helmig, and Richard E. Honrath. 393-394

13:40 - 18:00

A13F-2156: Urban and industrial VOC emissions in the Seoul metropolitan area and surrounding region during the KORUS-AQ field study. Isobel Jane Simpson, Donald Ray Blake, Nicola J Blake, Simone Meinardi, Barbara Barletta, Stacey Hughes, Nicholas Vizenor, Louisa K Emmons, Jerome Barré, Jung-Hun Woo, Jinseok Kim, Jason Schroeder, Christoph Johannes Knote, Alan Fried, Wisthaler Armin, Kyung-Eun Min and Seokhan Jeong. Poster Hall D-F

A13F-2157: Characterizing boundary layer height using surface and column measurements of NO2 and formaldehyde. Luke Valin, James Szykman, Russell Long, Andrew Whitehill, David James Williams, Travis N Knepp, James H Crawford, Jassim A Al-Saadi, Laura Judd, Steve Brown, Rebecca Matichuk, Gail Tonnesen, Wyat Appel, Christian Hogrefe, Nader Abuhassan, Alexander Cede, Elena Spinei, Jay R Herman, Robert Swap, Ronald C Cohen, Alan Fried and Andrew John Weinheimer. Poster Hall D-F

C13B-0956: Dissolved black carbon in the global cryosphere: Concentrations and chemical signatures. Alia Lauren Khan, Sasha Wagner, Rudolf Jaffe, Peng Xian, Mark W Williams, Richard L Armstrong, and Diane M McKnight. Poster Hall D-F

PA13D-0249: Using the Environmental Intelligence Framework to address Arctic issues: A case study of Alaskan fisheries and ocean acidification. Jeremy T Mathis, Emily Osborne, Anjuli S Bamzai, and Sandra Starkweather. Poster Hall D-F

Tuesday, 12 December

8:00 - 12:20

C21A-1104: Coupling of snow and permafrost processes using the Basic Modeling Interface (BMI). Kang Wang, Irina Overeem, Elchin E Jafarov, Mark Piper, Scott Stewart, Gary D Clow, and Kevin M Schaefer. Poster Hall D-F

C21C-1127: Landscape change and microbial response in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: Preliminary results. Andrew G Fountain, Joseph Levy, Michael N Gooseff, David J Van Horn, Maciej Obryk, Rickard Pettersson, Jennifer W Telling, and Craig Len Glennie. Poster Hall D-F


A21M-02: Overview of Lidar contributions to the Atmospheric Carbon and Transport - America (ACT-America) program. Byron Meadows, Kenneth J Davis, John D W Barrick, Emily Bell, Edward V Browell, Joel F Campbell, Joshua P DiGangi, Gao Chen, Jeremy Todd Dobler, Tai-Fang (Alice) Fan, Sha Feng, Alan Fried, Susan A Kooi, Thomas Lauvaux, Bing Lin, Matthew J McGill, Natasha Miles, Amin R Nehrir, Michael D Obland, Chris O'Dell, Sandip Pal, Rebecca Pauly, Colm Sweeney, and Mei Ying Yang. 391


A23G-2448: Quantifying methane emissions from coal and natural gas sources along the northwestern Appalachian. Zachary Barkley, Thomas Lauvaux, Kenneth J Davis, and Alan Fried. Poster Hall D-F

A23G-2465: Stable isotope analyses suggest biogenic hydrocarbon oxidation is a major source of carbon monoxide in summertime urban environments. Isaac Vimont, Jocelyn C Turnbull, Vasilii V Petrenko, and James W C White. Poster Hall D-F

B23A-2055: Aerosolization of cyanobacterial cells across ecosystem boundaries in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. Jessica Trout-Haney, Ruth Chaves Heindel, and Ross A Virginia. Poster Hall D-F

H23D-1725: Whole-stream metabolism of a perennial spring-fed aufeis field in Alaska, with coincident surface and subsurface flow. Patrick J Hendrickson, Michael N Gooseff, and Alexander D Huryn. Poster Hall D-F

H23H-1780: The dual role of vegetation as a constraint on mass and energy flux into the critical zone and as an emergent property of geophysical critical zone structure. Paul D Brooks, Tyson Lee Swetnam, Holly R Barnard, Kamini Singha, Adrian Harpold, and Marcy E Litvak. Poster Hall D-F

H23I-1799: Land cover influence on wet season storm runoff generation and hydrologic flowpaths in central Panama. Andrew Lifur Birch, Robert F Stallard, and Holly R Barnard. Poster Hall D-F

PP23A-1290: Tracing carbon cycling in the atmosphere and oceans during the Cretaceous Ocean Anoxic Event 2 (OAE2, ~94Ma). Steven Alexander McVeigh Moran, Frank Garrett Boudinot, Nadia Dildar, and Julio Sepúlveda. Poster Hall D-F


U24B-07: Observations and simulations of snowpack cold content and its relationship to snowmelt timing and rate. Keith Steven Jennings and Noah P Molotch. eLightning Area


PP24A-03: Past collapse and late Holocene reestablishment of the Petermann Ice Tongue, Northwest Greenland. Brendan T Reilly, Joseph Stephen Stoner, Alan C Mix, Martin Jakobsson, Anne E Jennings, Maureen Walczak, and Laurence M Dyke. 343

Wednesday, 13 December


PP31C-1300: Molecules in the mud: Combining ancient DNA and lipid biomarkers to reconstruct vegetation response to climate variability during the Last Interglacial and the Holocene on Baffin Island, Arctic Canada. Sarah E Crump, Julio Sepúlveda, Michael Bunce, and Gifford H Miller. Poster Hall D-F


B32C-04: Contribution of anthropogenic and natural emissions to global CH4 balances by utilizing δ13C-CH4 observations in CarbonTracker Data Assimilation System (CTDAS). Vilma Eveliina Kangasaho, Aki Tsuruta, Tuula Aalto, Leif Bjarne Backman, Sander Houweling, Maarten C Krol, Wouter Peters, Ingrid Theodora van der Laan-Luijkx, Sebastian Lienert, Fortunat Joos, Edward J Dlugokencky, Sylvia Michel and James W C White. 356-357


B33D-2102: A day in the life of the Suwannee River: Lagrangian sampling of process rates along the river continuum. Matthew J Cohen, Robert Thomas Hensley, Margaret Spangler, and Michael N Gooseff. Poster Hall D-F

C33D-1232: The Contribution to High Asia Runoff from Ice and Snow (CHARIS): Understanding the source and trends of cryospheric contributions to the water balance. Karl Rittger, Richard L Armstrong, Ned Bair, Adina Racoviteanu, Mary J. Brodzik, Alice Frances Hill, Alana M Wilson, Alia L Khan, Joan M Ramage, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Andrew P Barrett, Bruce H Raup, and Thomas H Painter. Poster Hall D-F

Thursday, 14 December


A41A-2248: An improved extraction and analysis technique for determination of carbon monoxide stable isotopes and mixing ratios from ice core and atmospheric air samples. Philip Place Jr, Vasilii V Petrenko, and Isaac Vimont. Poster Hall D-F

B41A-1925: The role of biological soil crusts in nitrogen cycling and soil deflation in West Greenland. Ruth Chaves Heindel, Francesca C Governali, Angela M Spickard and Ross A Virginia. Poster Hall D-F

PA41A-0308: International cryospheric science capacity building and its role in policy and management. Alana M Wilson, Richard L Armstrong, Betsy R Armstrong, Andrew P Barrett, Mary J. Brodzik, Florence M Fetterer, Jennifer L. Fluri, Alice Frances Hill, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Alia L Khan, Holly A. Miller, Cholpon Minbaeva, Adina Racoviteanu, Bruce H Raup, and Karl Rittger. Poster Hall D-F


A41N-06: Isotopic constraints on global atmospheric methane sources and sinks: A critical assessment of recent findings and new data. Stefan Schwietzke, Owen Sherwood, Sylvia Englund Michel, Lori Bruhwiler, Edward J Dlugokencky, and Pieter P Tans. 393-394


C42B-02: Cryosphere, climate and capitalism: Drivers of Central Asian water stress. Alice Frances Hill, Cholpon Minbaeva, Alana M Wilson, Rysbek Satylkanov, and Richard L Armstrong. 278-279


H42H-03: Streamflow response to future land-cover change at a headwaters catchment spanning the alpine-subalpine transition on the Colorado Front Range. Theodore B Barnhart, Jelena Vukomanovic, Patrick Bourgeron, and Noah P Molotch. E3

11:35 - 11:50

H42E-06: Arctic water tracks retain phosphorus and transport ammonium. Tamara Harms, Christopher Lee Cook, Adam N Wlostowski, Sarah Godsey, and Michael N Gooseff. 298-299


H42G-06: Recent volumetric variability in alpine lakes on the endorheic Tibet and its link to climate change. Fangfang Yao, Jida Wang, Kehan Yang, Chao Wang, Blake Walter, and Jean-Francois Cretaux. 291-292


A42E-07: Atmospheric implications of light alkane emissions from the U.S. oil and natural gas sector. Emily V Fischer, Zitely Asafay Tzompa Sosa, Barron Henderson, Katherine Travis, Chrisoph Keller, Barkley C Sive, Detlev Helmig, Alan Fried, Scott C. Herndon, Tara Irene Yacovitch, Emmanuel Mahieu, and Bruno Franco. 393-394

H42E-07: Arctic oases? River aufeis maintain perennial groundwater habitat in the Arctic. Alexander D Huryn, Michael N Gooseff, Martin A Briggs, Neil Terry, Michael Kendrick, Patrick J Hendrickson, and Elliot D Grunewald. 298-299


H43O-01: Hydrologic synthesis across the Critical Zone Observatory Network: A step towards understanding the coevolution of critical zone function and structure. Adam N Wlostowski, Ciaran J Harman, and Noah P Molotch. La Nouvelle C


A43F-2533: Measurement of NOx and CO fluxes from a tall tower in Beijing. Freya Anne Squires, William S Drysdale, Jacqueline Hamilton, James D Lee, Adam Robert Vaughan, Oliver Wild, Neil Mullinger, Eiko Nemitz, Stefan Metzger, and Qiang Zhang. Poster Hall D-F

H43C-1656: Catchment integration of sensor array observations to understand hydrologic connectivity. Stephanie Redfern, Ben Livneh, Noah P Molotch, Katherine Suding, Jason Caufield Neff, and Eve-Lyn S Hinckley. Poster Hall D-F

H43F-1716: Spatial and temporal dynamics of carbon fluxes in glacial meltwater streams, Antarctica. Christa Torrens, W. Berry Lyons, Diane M McKnight, Kathleen Ann Welch, and Michael N Gooseff. Poster Hall D-F


H43S-05: Modeling aspect controlled formation of seasonally frozen ground on montane hillslopes: A case study from Gordon Gulch, Colorado. Michael (Mickey) Rush, Harihar Rajaram, Robert S Anderson, and Suzanne P Anderson. 298-299


A44A-05: Direct measurements of the ozone production rate: Methods, measurements, and implications for air quality monitoring. William H Brune, Bianca Baier, David Owen Miller, Eric C Apel, Armin Wisthaler, Alan Fried, Christopher A Cantrell, Donald Ray Blake, Steven S Brown, Erin E. McDuffie, Lisa Kaser, Russell Long, and Andrew John Weinheimer. 398-399

Friday, 15 December


A51B-2050: Below-canopy isoprene nitrate chemistry and dynamics in a mixed coniferous/deciduous forest canopy during the 2016 PROPHET-AMOS summer field campaign. Sarah Jasmine Desrochers, Jonathan Hall Slade Jr, Paul B Shepson, Hariprasad Dilip Alwe, Dylan B Millet, Sarah Kavassalis, Qianwen Shi, Jennifer G Murphy, William Bloss, Ezra Wood, Philip S Stevens, Lee Mauldin, Christopher A Cantrell, Taera Kim, Xianliang Zhou, Detlev Helmig, Joshua D Shutter, Jean Carlos Rivera, Frank N Keutsch, James H Flynn III, Sergio Luiz Alvarez, Matthew Erickson, Wei Wang, Wei Wang, Robert J Griffin, Alexander T Bui, Kevin Kim and Henry William Wallace IV. Poster Hall D-F

H51E-1322 Automated diatom analysis applied to traditional light microscopy: A proof-of-concept study. Zachary Hunter-Lee Little, Ian Bishop, Sarah A Spaulding, Harry Nelson, and Colin Mahoney. Poster Hall D-F

IN51A-0001: The Arctic Observing Viewer (AOV): Visualization, data discovery, strategic assessment, and decision support for arctic observing. Ari Kassin, Ryan P Cody, Mauricio Barba, Stephen Michael Escarzaga, Sandra Villarreal, William F Manley, Allison G Gaylord, Ted Habermann, John Kozimor, Robbie Score and Craig E. Tweedie. Poster Hall D-F


EP51D-07: Steady evolution of hillslopes in layered landscapes: Self-organization of a numerical hogback. Rachel Glade and Robert S Anderson. 352


C51E-08: How stable are inter-annual patterns in snow accumulation on glaciers? Results from ground-penetrating radar surveys on Wolverine and Gulkana glaciers, Alaska between 2013 and 2017. Daniel McGrath, Louis Sass, Shad O'Neel, Chris McNeil, Salvatore G Candela, and Emily Hewitt Baker. 271-273


C52B-01: The spatial and temporal variability of meltwater flowpaths: Insights from a grid of over 100 snow lysimeters. Ryan Webb, Mark W Williams, and Tyler Erickson. 271-273


H53G-1563: High frequency longitudinal profiling reveals hydrologic controls on solute sourcing, transport and processing in a karst river. Robert Thomas Hensley, Matthew J Cohen, Margaret Spangler, and Michael N Gooseff. Poster Hall D-F


A53J-06: Sources and characterization of submicron aerosols in a rural forest during the PROPHET-AMOS 2016 Campaign. Alexander T Bui, Henry William Wallace IV, Sergio Luiz Alvarez, Matthew Erickson, Hariprasad Dilip Alwe, Nathaniel May, Ryan Cook, Megan Connor, Jonathan Hall Slade Jr, Qianwen Shi, Sarah Kavassalis, Geoffrey S Tyndall, Paul B Shepson, Kerri Pratt, Andrew P Ault, Dylan B Millet, Jennifer G Murphy, Sascha Usenko, Rebecca J Sheesley, James H Flynn III, Robert J Griffin, and Wei Wang. 395-396

17:30 - 17:50

U54A-05: The imperative of humor in the portfolio of communication strategies. James W C White and Richard B Alley. E2