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August 25th, 2007

James Syvitski steps down, Jim White begins interim directorship

Changes in the leadership of INSTAAR are underway. James Syvitski completed 12 years of service as INSTAAR Director as of July 2007. Syvitski continues to have appointments as Professor in Geological Sciences and Fellow of INSTAAR. Moreover, he recently added a new title: Executive Director of a new NSF initiative known as the Community Surface Dynamic Modeling System, or CSDMS, which will involve hundreds of scientists from dozens of federal labs and universities around the nation, including CU-Boulder. INSTAAR deeply thanks James for his years of service and commitment to the Institute and its members.

The new interim institute Director is James W.C. White. White is a Professor in Geological Sciences and in the CU Environmental Studies Program (ENVS), as well as a Fellow of INSTAAR. His previous administrative position was as Director of ENVS. White will be furthering INSTAAR's short- and long-term goals in the coming year while the institute searches for a new permanent director.