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January 19th, 2005

Tim Seastedt wins Pacesetter Environment Award

Tim Seastedt won the 2005 Boulder County Pacesetter Environment award from the Daily Camera newspaper for his work on biological pest control of diffuse knapweed, an aggressive noxious weed that infests about 100,000 acres locally and 3 million acres in the West.

Seastedt and his colleagues started studying knapweed population dynamics in 1997. Eventually they found several insect species that help eliminate the weed without the need for chemical pesticide treatments once every three years at an estimated cost of $20 to $40 per acre. The insect impacts were first noted in 2000 and became very obvious in 2001. Some of the insects have already dispersed across the Front Range of Colorado and others are available from the State of Colorado, Dept. of Agriculture, Biological Pest Control Section.

The Daily Camera has presented Pacesetter awards since 1985 to recognize Boulder County residents who have made significant contributions to the community. The categories for 2005 include Lifetime Achievement, Youth, Quality of Life, Arts and Entertainment, Business, Science/ Medicine/Health, Community Service, Environment, and Education. A community reception and luncheon in honor of this year's winners was held at the Millennium Harvest House in Boulder on 19 January.