Bill Bowman

Bill Bowman


  • Former Director, Mountain Research Station

Departments / Academic Programs


  • BA: University of Colorado, 1981
  • MS: San Diego State University, 1984
  • PhD: Duke University, 1988

Research Programs, Labs, and Groups

Contact Information

(Office) 303 492-2557
(Field) 303 492-8842
Mountain Research Station, 818 County Road 116, Nederland, CO 804066


Plant ecology, community ecology, biogeochemistry, alpine ecosystems.

Research Interests

Causes and consequences of plant biodiversity, plant-soil interactions, influence of nitrogen deposition on ecosystems.


Research in the Bowman lab focuses on multiple areas of plant ecology, primarily on the interactions between plants and their resources, ranging from plant adaptations to low resource availability, to how plants influence soils and subsequently ecosystem function and biodiversity.

Alpine ecosystems have tremendous variation in soil resource availability associated with landscape topographic and microclimatic diversity, which results in substantial variation in biotic diversity. As a result the alpine is an excellent model system to address questions of plant-soil interactions. Research projects have addressed specific resource limitations to primary production in alpine communities, the role of competition and facilitation in community composition, the influence of symbiotic N2-fixation


  • BFA Excellence Award, CU-Boulder Faculty Assembly, 2015