Chiara Forrester

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PhD student

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  • B.A. in Plant Ecology: Hampshire College, 2016

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Plant, alpine and forest ecology; Effects of climate change on plant communities and plant-fungal symbioses; Plant-fungal symbioses; Soil ecology and nutrient cycling; Citizen science and science communication.  My previous research has explored the effects of a foliar endophytic fungus on host microsite distribution and soil extracellular enzyme activity along elevational gradients.


I am a student pursuing my PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology under the advisement of Dr. William Bowman at the University of Colorado Boulder. I graduated from Hampshire College in 2016 with a BA in Plant Ecology. My previous research, conducted at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Gothic, CO, has investigated how foliar endophytic fungi in grasses impact host microsite distribution and potential soil enzyme activity in their host's rhizosphere along elevational gradients.