Craig M. Lee


Craig M. Lee, Puseman, K. 2017: Ice patch hunting in the Greater Yellowstone area, Rocky Mountains, USA: Wood shafts, chipped stone projectile points, and bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis). American Antiquity, 82(2): 223-243. DOI: 10.1017/aaq.2016.32

Craig M. Lee, Neeley, M., Mitchell, M. D., Kornfeld, M., O'Connor, C. 2016: Microcores and microliths in Northwestern Plains and Rocky Mountain front lithic assemblages. Plains Anthropologist, 61(238): 136-158. DOI: 10.1080/00320447.2015.1112677

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Craig M. Lee 2012: Withering snow and ice in the mid-latitudes: A new archaeological and paleobiological record for the Rocky Mountain region. Arctic, 65(1): 165-177.

Craig M. Lee 2011: Ice patch archaeology in Yellowstone s Northern Ranges. In MacDonald, D. H. and Hale, E. S. (eds.) Yellowstone Archaeology: A Synthesis of Archaeological Papers on the Prehistory and History of Yellowstone National Park: Volume 1, Northern Yellowstone. 132 143.

Craig M. Lee, Lee, J. B., Turnbull, J. 2011: Refining the chronology of the Agate Basin Cultural Complex: Radiocarbon dating the Frazier Site (5WL268). Plains Anthropologist, 56(219): 121 141.

Craig M. Lee 2011: University of Colorado INSTAAR Contribution to Glacier National Park s 2010 Letter Report. Report prepared for National Park Service, West Glacier, Montana.

Craig M. Lee, Metcalf, M. 2011: Withering ancient export or seasonal transhumance? A role for Snake River Plain obsidian in the lives of the ancient peoples of northwest Colorado and southwest Wyoming. Idaho Archaeologist, 34(1): 13-18.

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