Delwyn Moller

Delwyn Moller

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  • Adjunct Professor, University of Auckland

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Development of novel remote sensing systems for Earth Science, particularly via imaging radar and interferometry for mapping terrain, water, snow, and ice-covered surfaces.


In her current position at the University of Auckland and her previous positions with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Remote Sensing Solutions Inc, Dr. Moller has developed innovative state-of-the-art remote sensing systems for measuring critical aspects of the Earth’s surface to support science research and applied sciences. Applications have ranged from global surface mapping ocean currents, ice-surface topography, surface water hydrology, snow depth, soil moisture, precipitation, seismology, and radars for guided landing on other planets. These activities have included ground-based, airborne and spaceborne systems. She has won multiple JPL and NASA awards including being a co-recipient on the prestigious NASA Space Act award for a planetary landing radar design.

Her career has largely focused on developing imaging radars and interferometry for mapping terrain, water, snow, and ice-covered surfaces with high resolution and accuracy that enables new areas of scientific discovery. She has teamed with some of the world’s most eminent scientists to mature the research and development in these various arenas. The capabilities that have resulted have potential impact in the commercial, government and humanitarian sectors.