Fernando Briones

Fernando Briones

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  • PhD: École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris,

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(Office) 720 473-0950


The social dimensions of environmental change, resilience, social vulnerability, disasters risk reduction and climate change adaptation in the global south and US marginalized groups


Fernando Briones has been a consultant and researcher in Mexico and a collaborator and lecturer at international organizations in Latin America such as FAO, UNDP and ECLAC. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for National Coordination of Civil Protection of Mexico, and a member of the National System of Researchers of The National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico.

His work focuses on disaster risk reduction, the understanding of risk perception, social vulnerability, resilience and the applicability of public policies on climate change adaptation. His articles, books and scientific reports have been mainly developed with research in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Central America.