Gifford H. Miller

Graduate Student Thesis Opportunities for 2013

I am seeking a PhD and MSc student to work on a new collaborative research campaign between my group and collaborators Jason Briner (University at Buffalo) and Nat Lifton (PRIME, Purdue), entitled "Arctic Sensitivity to Climate Perturbations and a Millennial Perspective on Current Warming Derived from Shrinking Ice Caps."

The PhD will focus on entombed ancient landscapes, including in situ vegetation and ancient weathered rocks, emerging beneath thin ice caps that are currently receding at a dramatic pace.  For the PhD position, experience in the processing of rocks for cosmogenic exposure dating would be a great advantage; familiarity with Matlab helpful; MSc completed preferred.

MSc will focus on refining the history of Neoglaciation from the moraine records and sediment cores from nearby lakes.  Helicopter-supported fieldwork in Arctic Canada in 2013 and 2014.

Contact me for details.


Current Courses

  • GEOL 5420: Quaternary Dating Methods


  • CVEN 5838-001: Rockfalls and Avalanches


Past Courses

  • GEOL 1060-003: Global Change: An Earth Science Perspective
  • GEOL 5700: Holocene Nonlinearities
  • GEOL 3040-003: Geological Record of Global Change
  • GEOL 5420-003: Quaternary Geochronology/Quaternary Stratigraphy
  • GEOL 5700-001: Volcanism in the Arctic System