Hallie Adams

PhD Student

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  • MA: University of Colorado Boulder, 2014
  • BA: Western Washington University, 2012

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Ecohydrology; Forest Ecology; Tree Physiology; Catchment Ecohydrology

Research Interests

My research focuses on the response of tree growth and physiology to variable climate conditions and topographic complexity (surface and subsurface) in Colorado semi-arid forests. Specifically, I look at how climate, drought, and surface and subsurface topographic variability influences physiological function of abundant Colorado semi-arid species and how this knowledge can be used to predict the response of common Colorado tree species to climate change.


  • Rich Herbert Memorial Scholarship, American Water Resources Association - Colorado, 2020
  • Jennifer Dinaburg Memorial Research Award, University of Colorado Dept of Geography, 2020
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP), National Science Foundation, 2019
  • NSF GRFP Honorable Mention, National Science Foundation, 2012
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