Hannah Miller

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  • PhD Student in Environmental Studies

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  • BA: Bowdoin College, 2017

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My research interests focus on biogeochemical cycling and its impact on ecosystem function in a changing climate. I investigate how nutrient pools and cycles respond to warming temperatures and increased nitrogen deposition, and how these shifts are both impacted by, and fed back upon, by simultaneous shifts in microbial and plant communities. Additionally, I am interested in biogeochemical connections between terrestrial and aquatic systems, and look at connectivity between landscapes and stream networks. This part of my research also allows me to explore policies around watershed management, and the involvement of stakeholders in the development and implementation of management plans. I approach my research questions along elevational gradients from the foothills of Boulder, Colorado to the high alpine at the Niwot Long-Term Ecological Research site using field experiments, laboratory analyses and remote sensing work. 

Find my papers at Research Gate and Google Scholar.


  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, NSF, 2019
  • Fulbright Student Grant, Fulbright Organization, 2017