Kelly Kochanski

Kelly Kochanski CV

PhD Student

  • DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow



  • B.Sc. in Physics and in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015

Contact Information

Benson Earth Sciences, Room 246A
University of Colorado, Boulder

Research Interests

I am interested in developing numerical models of the physical processes which shape the surface of the Earth.
Advisers: Robert Anderson and Gregory Tucker

Current projects:
    1. The self-organization of wind-blown snow. I am working with two undergraduate field assistants to record and model the formation of snow dunes, ripples, and steps.
    2. The effect of DEM-resolution on a landscape evolution model (Landlab). I have quantified the effect of model grid size on simple landscape evolution models run in Landlab, and am developing formulas to remove the effects of grid size from our simulation results.