Kelsey Elwood

Kelsey Elwood

PhD student

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  • B.S. Environmental Science: Colorado College, 2012

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Alpine plants; plant community ecology; alpine biogeochemistry; phenology; near-surface remote sensing; spring green-up


I am interested in the interactions among alpine plant communities and biogeochemistry, particularly during spring green-up. I work in the recently established sensor network at the Niwot Ridge Long Term Ecological Research site. I use time-lapse cameras and field measurements to better understand the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of a small watershed in the alpine tundra. My previous work explored the spatial dynamics of treeline advancement on Pikes Peak in response to warmer growing season temperatures. Alpine environments are critical environmental and socio-political resources because of their impact on water quality and quantity. By studying the interactive dynamics of alpine plant communities, I hope to help society prepare for the future of headwater resources in a changing world.