Layne Lewis

Layne Lewis

Senior HR Professional

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(Office) 303 492-6387

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Customer service, community building, networking


I grew up in the Southeast Arkansas delta learning about wildlife, ecosystems, and weather from my parents. They both have biology degrees, so my education began very early. My mom has always been a science teacher and my dad worked on wildlife reservations. My journey through undergrad at Oklahoma City University started with a Dance Management major and evolved into a degree in Humanities focused on things like sustainability, religion, culture, social justice, peace, and nonviolence. I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks studying at the University for Peace in Costa Rica as well as the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Chicago. After moving to my own personal paradise (Colorado), I spent three years as the department assistant for the Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design department at CU. INSTAAR has proven to be a welcoming environment where I can help continue diversity, equity, and inclusion goals personally and for the institute. When I'm not at the desk, you can find me hiking, zooming down a ski slope, dabbling in various art forms, or just hanging out with my cat Jones.