People A to Z

Alexandra Jahn

  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor, Department for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, CU-Boulder
  • Fellow at INSTAAR


Climate modeling, polar climate, paleoclimate, cryosphere, oceanography, modeling of isotopes.

Jason Janke

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Metropolitan State College of Denver


Mountain geomorphology and climate change; soils and rock; glaciers and permafrost.

Chris Jenkins

  • Senior Research Scientist of INSTAAR
  • Senior Research Fellow, University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA


Marine Geology, Oceanography, Stratigraphy
Data Integration, Linguistic Data
Carbonate Stratigraphic Modeling, Marine Geoacoustics

Keith Jennings

  • PhD, 2018
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Nevada Reno and the Desert Research Institute


Snow hydrology, rain-on-snow floods, snowpack energy balances.

Anne Jennings

  • Research Scientist III, INSTAAR Fellow
  • Editor, Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research


Arctic paleoclimate and paleoceanography, ice-sheet/ocean interactions, foraminifera.

Tyler Jones

  • Research Associate (Postdoctoral Fellow)


Polar ice cores
Abrupt climate change
Isotope climate proxies
Atmosphere / ocean / ice sheet interactions
Glaciological Modeling
Outreach through photography / film