People A to Z

Tom Marchitto

  • Fellow of INSTAAR
  • Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs, Dept. of Geological Sciences
  • Affiliate Faculty, Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology
ICP-MS Trace Element Lab

Vera Markgraf

  • Fellow Emerita of INSTAAR
  • Research Professor of Geography


South America and Southern Hemisphere paleoclimates; inter-and intra-hemispheric paleoclimate correlations.

Owen Mason

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Research Associate, GeoArch Alaska


Coastal geomorphology, geoarchaeology, northwest Alaska prehistory.

James R. McGoodwin

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder


The development of fisheries policies for high-latitude regions, where the impacts of global warming and climatic change are forecast to be especially severe; fishing communities and fisheries management.

Diane M. McKnight

  • Fellow of INSTAAR
  • Professor of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder


Limnology; biogeochemistry of lakes and streams.

Leah Meromy

  • MA 2012 in Geography; Now Hydrologist with SSP&A


Snow and mountain hydrology, snowpack modeling, climate change.

Sylvia Englund Michel

  • Senior Professional Research Assistant
  • Assistant Manager, Stable Isotope Laboratory


Technical expert in stable isotope mass spectrometry.

Martin W. Miles

  • Research Associate
  • Research Scientist II, Uni Research – Bjerknes Centre


Atlantic Arctic ocean-ice-atmosphere system, Arctic sea ice, Late Holocene climate and environmental change, Greenland

Gifford H. Miller

  • Fellow and Associate Director of INSTAAR
  • Professor of Geological Sciences, CU-Boulder


Quaternary stratigraphy, geochronology, and paleoclimatology.

Amy Miller

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Ecologist, Southwest Alaska Network, National Park Service


Plant community ecology and watershed biogeochemistry, particularly in alpine environments.

John Mischler

  • PhD 2014 in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


The intersection of conservation ecology and parasitic disease.

Natalie Mladenov

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, Kansas State University


Surface and ground water quality; aquatic biogeochemistry; atmospheric deposition and organic aerosols; water and sustainability in southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Noah P. Molotch

  • Director, Center for Water Earth Science & Technology (CWEST)
  • Associate Professor of Geography


Surface water and snow hydrology; remote sensing; ecohydrology.

Steve Morgan

  • Professional Research Assistant


Lab engineer for design, fabrication, and maintenance of laboratory equipment; lab electronics technician; extraction and purification of CO2 and methane from whole air samples for high-precision 14C measurement.

Valerie Morris

  • Professional Scientist, Stable Isotope Lab


Isotopic analysis of ice cores, greenhouse gases, and many other matrices; looking at biogeochemistry, carbon cycling and climate change.

Daniel R. Muhs

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Research Geologist, USGS


Geomorphology, soils, and stratigraphy to reconstruct paleoclimates over the past two and a half million years of geologic time.