Mette Bendixen

Mette Bendixen CV

Postdoctoral Scholar

  • Visiting scholar


  • PhD: University of Copenhagen, 2017
  • MSc: University of Copenhagen, 2012
  • BSc: University of Copenhagen, 2009

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(Office) 720 434 2401
Office N 143


Geomorphology, Coastal process and landscape dynamics, Arctic climate change, Remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Science communication

Research Interests

I am a visiting scholar at INSTAAR (2018-2021) funded by the Danish Carlsberg Foundation working on the project PROGLAKE, that aims to understand proglacial lake changes and their influence on coastal dynamics in Greenland.

PROGLAKE focus on proglacial lakes that can act as both sinks and sources of sediment, and their impact on the proglacial and coastal evolution in Greenland. These proglacial lakes can act in two opposing ways that have not been jointly investigated before; 1) acting as sinks by storing water, sediment and nutrients in lakes located between the glacier and the coast and thereby recording glacier dynamics and glaciations. Or 2) by acting as sediment sources as lakes dammed by glacier tongues or moraines, periodically burst during glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFs)


I research Arctic coastal and landscape dynamics caused by a changing climate. My interests include Holocene sea-level variations in Scandinavia and Greenland where I integrate sedimentary dating methods with geophysical measurements.

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  • Science for Solutions Award, AGU, 2020