Matt Miller

Matt Miller

INSTAAR Affiliate

  • Research Hydrologist, Utah Water Science Center


  • PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering: University of Colorado Boulder, 2008
  • MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering: University of Colorado Boulder, 2004
  • BS, Zoology: University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2000

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My current research focuses on developing new approaches for interpreting large data sets to quantify the relationships between water quality, hydrology, land use, and climate at watershed and regional spatial scales. I also studies how natural and anthropogenic activities influence aquatic biota. Current projects include quantifying the baseflow component of streamflow in the Upper Colorado River Basin, factors affecting seasonal variability in watershed-scale nitrogen loss in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and using continuously collected water quality data to better understand temporal variation in biologic productivity.




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Cory, R. M., Matt MillerDiane M. McKnight, Guerard, J. J., Miller, P. L. 2010: Effect of instrument-specific response on the analysis of fulvic acid fluorescence spectra. Limnology and Oceanography Methods, 8: 67-78.

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