Courtney Collins

Courtney Collins

Postdoctoral Scholar

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Ecosystem, community, population and microbial ecology;  field, greenhouse, and molecular sequencing techniques; syntheses of large and long term datasets.


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Courtney CollinsSarah Elmendorf, Hollister, R. D., Henry, G. H. R., Clark, K., Bjorkman, A. D., Myers-Smith, I. H., Prevéy, J. S., Ashton, I. W., Assmann, J. J., Alatalo, J. M., Carbognani, M., Chisholm, C., Cooper, E. J., Chiara Forrester, Jónsdóttir, I. S., Klanderud, K., Kopp, C. W., Livensperger, C., Mauritz, M., May, J. L., Molau, U., Oberbauer, S. F., Ogburn, E., Panchen, Z. A., Petraglia, A., Post, E., Rixen, C., Rodenhizer, H., Schuur, E. A. G., Semenchuk, P., Jane G. Smith, Steltzer, H., Totland, Ø., Walker, M. D., Welker, J. M., Katharine Suding 2021: Experimental warming differentially affects vegetative and reproductive phenology of tundra plants. Nature Communications, 12: 3442. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-23841-2

Courtney Collins, Spasojevic, M. J., Alados, C. L., Aronson, E. L., Benavides, J. C., Cannone, N., Caviezel, C., Grau, O., Guo, H., Kudo, G., Kuhn, N. J., Müllerová, J., Phillips, M. L., Pombubpa, N., Reverchon, F., Shulman, H. B., Stajich, J. E., Stokes, A., Weber, S. E., Diez, J. M. 2020: Belowground impacts of alpine woody encroachment are determined by plant traits, local climate and soil conditions. Global Change Biology, 26(12): 7112-7127. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.15340