Edmund Andrews

Senior Scientist of INSTAAR

  • Senior Scientist, Otis Bay Ecological Consultants



  • PhD: University of California Berkeley, 1977
  • MS: Stanford University, 1972
  • BS: Stanford University, 1970

Contact Information


The hydrology and climate of polar and alpine regions.


Dr. Andrews is a Senior Scientist at INSTAAR, conducting research on the hydrology and climate of polar and alpine regions.

He is also a Senior Scientist at Otis Bay Ecological Consultants, conducting investigations on hydrology and river mechanics, especially river channel changes in response to variations in flow and sediment supply due climate change, land use, and water resources development that have altered aquatic and riparian ecosystems.

Dr. Andrews was with the U.S. Geological Survey from 1975-2009. From 1980 on was was Chief of the River Mechanics Project, National Research Program, USGS Water Resources Division. He conducted research on river mechanics, especially river channel change in response to variations in flow and sediment supply due to climate change, land use, and water resources development.


Research Statement

One of Ned Andrews' research sites, at a gauging station in Yosemite. Photo by Ned Andrews.

The same research site, after a recent snowfall. Photo by Ned Andrews.



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