Shelly Sommer

Shelly Sommer

Communication & Outreach Director


  • BA: Pomona College, 1991

Contact Information

(Office) 303 492-1867
SEEC room C216




What do I do around here?

Initiate and manage broad-based communication and information programs, often building networks that help get the work done across institutional and academic/community boundaries.

  • Connect people and communities working toward a resilient, transformational world with INSTAAR and CU science.
  • Use evidence-based practice to create and curate content that shares INSTAAR's vital research on global change and sustainability with varied communities.
  • Act as content strategist across channels.
  • Develop identity and branding that accurately reflects INSTAAR.
  • Curate INSTAAR's social media presence on channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Foster institute-wide approach to outreach and engagement.
  • Engage various external audiences with INSTAAR science.
  • Direct the informal Albert A. Bartlett Science Communication Center.
  • Conduct research to understand INSTAAR and CU compared to counterparts.
  • Measure impact and reputation over time.