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Simon Pendleton

Simon Pendleton

PhD 2019

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  • PhD - Geological Sciences: University of Colorado Boulder, 2019
  • MS - Geological Sciences: State University of New York at Buffalo, 2013
  • BA - Environmental Geology: Whitman College, 2011

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Quaternary Geology, Glacial Geology, Arctic Paleoclimate Studies, Cosmogenic Nuclides


My primary research interests are focused around understanding dynamic Earth systems within the high latitudes.  To this end, I utilize several different techniques to investigate and reconstruct processes within the Arctic.  In the past I have performed contemporary glacier studies on the Svalbard archipelago, used cosmogenic exposure dating to build glacier chronologies in Northern Alaska and am currently involved in reconstructing ice cap dynamics on Baffin Island throughout the Quaternary in order to better understand current changes occurring in the Arctic.


Find out more on my Research Website.