Tom Marchitto


Paleoceanographers deploy a multicorer aboard the R/V Knorr in the Florida Straits. This coring device is designed to capture multiple undisturbed samples of the sediment-water interface. Photo credit: Tom Marchitto.

Recent and ongoing research has revolved around these NSF-funded projects:

Development of individual foraminiferal Mg/Ca to reconstruct past ENSO variability
PI: Tom Marchitto (2016-2018)

A visual system for autonomous foraminifera identification
Collaborative PIs: Edgar Lobaton, Tom Marchitto (2016-2018)

Automating reasoning in interpreting climate records of the past
PI: Liz Bradley; co-PIs: Ken Anderson, Tom Marchitto, Jim White (2012-15)

Investigation of a dynamical response of the tropical Pacific to orbital and solar forcing during the Holocene
PI: Tom Marchitto (2011-14)

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