Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones

Asst. Research Professor


  • PhD, Biogeochemistry: University of Colorado, 2015
  • MS, Environmental Studies: University of Colorado, 2010
  • BS, Civil Engineering - Hydrology: University of Colorado, 2006

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Polar ice cores, abrupt climate change, Isotope geochemistry, glaciological and Earth system modeling, unmanned aerial vehicles, methane in permafrost (new pursuit), outreach

Research Interests

I study abrupt climate change through the lens of science and culture. My research focus areas are Alaska, Greenland, and Antarctica. In Alaska, I work with Indigenous communities to better understand climate change, subsistence activities, and food and water security. In Greenland and Antarctica, I recover ice cores from remote field camps to reconstruct past abrupt climate change. I am actively involved in science communication through film, photography, art, and public speaking, I also pursue climate policy by taking appointments on task forces or environmental policy boards.


Please visit my website for more infor about my research.

Full link here, https://sites.google.com/colorado.edu/jonestr/