Atmospheric Research Laboratory



Research Team

Atmospheric Research Laboratory Bryce Powell, Undergraduate Researcher
Atmospheric Research Laboratory Ryan Schafer, Undergraduate Researcher
Atmospheric Research Laboratory Jack Pitchers, Undergraduate Researcher


Kristin Panwell, 2016 BS Biochemistry
Tanja Bien, 2016 BS Chemistry (Muenster, Germany)
Jens Fangmeyer, 2016 BS Chemistry (Muenster, Germany)
Bridgit Kodenkandath, 2016 BS Environmental Studies
Jason Evans, 2016 Chemical Engineering
Alan Sanchez, 2015 BS Aerospace Engineering
Joshua Fuchs, Graduate Researcher (Münster, Germany)
Ryan Giblett, 2015 BS Environmental Engineering
Katie Smith, 2015 MS Chemistry (York, England)
Joshua Ellis, 2015 BS Biochemistry
Tim Molnar, 2015 BS Environmental Studies
Reed Terrell, 2015 BS Biochemistry
Camille Amador, 2015 Biochemistry, Neuroscience
Yannick Stenzel, 2015 BS Chemistry (Munster, Germany)
Mark Barckholtz, 2014 BS Environmental Engineering
Cullen Elder, 2014 BS Chemical Engineering
Ben Murphy, 2014 BA Ecology, Evolutionary Biology
Will Vickers, 2014 PhD (Universite de Grenoble)
Jeong-Hoo Park, 2014 PhD (UC: Berkeley)
Angie Hollister, 2013 BS Environmental Studies
Joe Caramore, 2011 MS ATOC
Ryan Daly, 2010 MS Mechanical Engineering

Contact Information

(Phone) 303 492-2509
(Fax) 303 492-6388
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)
University of Colorado
Campus Box 450
Boulder, CO 80309-0450, USA

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