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Core Processing Laboratory

Sarah Crump, lab manager Wendy Roth, Darren Larsen, and Chris Florian set up a new core splitter in the lab. Photo by Anne Jennings, 17 October 2013.

Sediment cores are archives of paleoclimate and paleoenvironment.

This facility is used in the analysis of terrestrial, lake, and marine cores. Sediment cores are split, photographed, color logged, described, and sampled and their magnetic properties measured. Sinks are available for wet sieving samples for preparation of microscopic analysis or other needs. There are two analytical balances available for weighing samples, a small oven, carts for transporting cores and samples, and plenty of counter space. The lab is equipped with a McCrone mill for grinding samples for X-ray diffraction analysis and two PCs dedicated for processing XRD runs. John Andrews, Gifford Miller, Anne Jennings, Tom Marchitto, and their postdocs and students are the principal users of this facility.

Contact Information

(Phone) 303-492-5084
(Fax) 303-492-6388