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Glaciology Group

The movement of glaciers and climatically-induced adjustments of glacier geometry and flow regime are critical elements in understanding paleoclimate records derived from ice cores, drawing inferences about past climate through glacial geology, and forecasting future glacier and sea level responses to (and interaction with) climate change. Glaciers are also an important water resource in mountainous and high latitude regions, and forecasts of future water resources for large parts of North America, Europe, Asia, and South America depend on an understanding of glacier mass balance and hydrology.

The Glaciology Group is composed of faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students who are actively involved with research on glaciers, ice sheets, sea level and snow cover. Research interests include ice-flow dynamics and calving, sub-glacial and englacial hydrology, sea level change as controlled by the earth's small glaciers, climate change and glacier mass balance, and heat exchange within snow packs.

The group runs the Snow and Ice Laboratory, a cold room with facilities configured for experimental work in heat and mass transfer in snow as well as general electronics and mechanical design and fabrication.

How to Join

Call Tad Pfeffer at (303) 492-3480.

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(Phone) 303 492-3480