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Micropaleontology Laboratory

This is a foraminiferal analysis laboratory equipped with sieves and other equipment needed for preparation of foraminiferal samples, and binocular microscopes, faunal reference slides, and books for foraminiferal assemblage analysis and picking of stable isotope and radiocarbon samples.

Read about our summer 2015 research aboard the ship I/B Oden in this blog post on Petermann's Glacial History. Or see Anne Jennings on 60 Minutes, talking about forams and sediments that hold clues to Petermann Glacier's past. We spent a month collecting sediment cores from Petermann Fjord and northern Nares Strait, a gateway between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. We processed the cores in a lab on board ship to read the history of past climates and ice shelves.

Mariah Walton cleans a split core on a research cruise off the coast of West Greenland, August 30, 2009. Photo by Ursula Quillmann.

Mariah Walton sketches a sea- and landscape that will become a painting during a respite on a research cruise off Greenland, August 30, 2009. Photo by Ursula Quillmann.

Ursula Quillmann counts forams in the Micropaleontology Lab.

Christina Sheldon at a microscope in the Micropaleontology Lab.

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