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Mountain Hydrology Group


MARCH 24, 2019. Emissions rising in alpine tundra. Charlie Brennan, Boulder Daily Camera.

DECEMBER 19, 2018. Longer growing seasons complicate outlook for coniferous forests. Trent Knoss, CU Boulder Today.

DECEMBER 6, 2018. Study successfully tests new method for measuring liquid water in melting snowpack. CWEST.

NOVEMBER 6, 2018. Rain-on-snow events that could bring more intense and frequent flooding in the West. H20 Radio.

NOVEMBER 5, 2018. How could climate change impact Colorado's snowpack? KRDO TV.

AUGUST 6, 2018. Rain-on-snow flood risk to increase in many U.S. mountain regions. CU Boulder Today.

MARCH 2, 2018. New research shows Colorado has some of the warmest snowfalls. 9 News.

MARCH 20, 2018. Rain or snow? Humidity, location can make all the difference. Trent Knoss, CU Boulder Today.

FEBRUARY 8, 2018. Connecting the Drops: Measuring Snow. KGNU Radio.

JANUARY 15, 2018. Snowpack Near Record Lows Spells Trouble for Western Water Supplies. Inside Climate News.

NOVEMBER 10, 2017. Glacier-mapping drone soars to nearly 5000 meters, setting a record. David Malakoff, Science.

JULY 1, 2017. Video short showing a great application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) to study mountain snow hydrology on Niwot Ridge. UNAVCO.

JUNE 22, 2017. Water Stress in the Naryn River Basin. Rosette Zarzar, GlacierHub.

JUNE 12, 2017. CU Boulder scientists on skis gather snowpack data in summer. University of CO, Boulder video.

MAY 4, 2017. Brian K Sullivan and Ryan Collins, In a Twist, Snow Is Keeping Natural Gas Prices Down in Texas, Bloomberg News.

MARCH 22, 2017. Anthony Cave. NASA grant to explore California's drought conditions. KXTV.

MARCH 3, 2017. Boulder researcher sees earlier but slower snowmelt in future. Amanda Trejos, Daily Camera.

MARCH 3, 2017. Mike Carlowicz and Joshua Stevens. Abundant Snowpack Blankets the Sierra Nevada. NASA Earth Observatory.

FEBRUARY 3, 2017. Peter Fimrite. Surveyors ‘ecstatic’ as Sierra snowpack measures 173% of normal. San Francisco Gate.

FEBRUARY 2, 2017. Craig Miller. 'Astounding' Snowpack Bodes Well for Summer Water Supply. KQED Radio, Science.

FEBRUARY 2, 2017. Joseph Serna. California snowpack reaches 173% of average, replenishing a third of state's 'snow-deficit.' L.A. Times.

JANUARY  31, 2017. Sidney Fussell. Snowfall In California Went A Long Way To Helping The State's Drought. Gizmodo Australia.

JANUARY  30, 2017. Ryan Sabalow. One month of storms erases big chunk of California’s snow-water deficit. Sacremento Bee.

JANUARY  30, 2017. Peter Fimrite. Even after epic storms, groundwater still depleted by drought. San Francisco Gate.

JANUARY 30, 2017. JasonSamenow. It snowed 5.7 trillion gallons of water in California this January. Washington Post.

JANUARY 27, 2017. Alan Buis and Trent Knoss. Storms Filled 37 Percent of CA Snow-Water Deficit. NASA JPL.

JANUARY 27, 2017. Trent Knoss. Recent storms recouped 37 percent of California’s five-year snow-water deficit. University of Colorado, Boulder.

JANUARY 27, 2017. Bettina Boxall, January storms erase part of California's snowpack deficit. LA Times.