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Mountain Hydrology Group


Current Projects

NSF - 578,464 PI-Webb: Extending the vadose zone: characterizing the role of snow for liquid water storage and transmission in streamflow generation (2018-2021).

NASA - $510,000 PI-Molotch: Characterization of the spatio-temporal variability of snow properties to support active and passive microwave remote sensing of snow (2017 – 2022).

NASA - $515,000 Co-PI (M. Durand PI): Characterizing accuracy of an advanced snow water equivalent retrieval algorithm applied to airborne microwave remote sensing measurements (Molotch portion ~$50,000; 2017 – 2022).

NASA - $1.5M PI-Molotch: Analysis of Agricultural Water Supply-Demand Imbalance During the Unprecedented California Drought Using NASA Satellite Data (2017-2020)

CWI - $50,000 PI-Knowles: Colorado Water Institute. Bark beetle impacts on remotely sensed evapotranspiration in the Colorado Rocky Mountains (2017-2018).

NASA - $90,000 PI-Molotch: Assessing the climate sensitivity of mountain snowpacks using the Airborne Snow Observatory and a distributed snowpack model (2016 – 2019); Fellowship for K. Jennings.

NSF - $6.8M Co-PI (K. Suding PI): NWT LTER VII: Long-term research on the dynamics of high-elevation ecosystems – a framework for understanding ecological responsiveness to climate change (Molotch portion ~$500,000; 2016 – 2021).

NOAA - $3.5M Co-PI (L. Dilling PI): Western Water Assessment: Building Climate Resilience By Design (2015 – 2020); ~$300,000 Molotch portion.

NSF EAR - $5M Co-PI (S. Anderson PI): Boulder Creek CZO II: Evolution, Form, Function, and Future of the Critical Zone, (2013 – 2018); ~$325,000 Molotch portion.

Selected Past Projects

State of WY - $70,000 PI-Molotch: A 13-year analysis of snow water equivalent in the North Platte and Tongue River basins, Wyoming (2016 - 2017).

NSF - $151,000 PI-Molotch (w/ S. Anderson): Hydrologic partitioning across the CZO network: transforming knowledge of water and energy fluxes through Earth’s living skin (supplement to Boulder Cr. CZO; 2016 – 2017).

CU - $44,000 PI-Molotch: Multi-Scale Modeling and Measurement of Ecosystem Sensitivity to Water and Energy Availability (2016 – 2017).

NASA - $96,000 PI-Molotch: Field work planning for NASA SnowEx Campaign (2015 - 2016).

NASA - $90,000 PI-Molotch: Combining a MODIS-based snow water equivalent product and statistical interpolation methods to estimate snowpack conditions in the Colorado headwaters (2014 – 2017); Fellowship for D. Schneider.

USDA/NSF - $1.4M PI-Molotch: Snowpack and Ecosystem Dynamics: The Sustainability of Inter-basin Water Transfers under a Changing Climate (2012 - 2016).

NSF EAR - $256,625 PI-Molotch: Climatic controls on snow-vegetation interactions across an elevational gradient (2012 – 2016).

NASA - $1.4M Co-PI (J. Dozier PI): Error analysis of MODIS fraction snow-covered area and snow albedo in mountainous regions (2011 – 2016); $385,386 Molotch portion.