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Organic Geochemistry Group (Sepúlveda Lab)

Organic Geochemistry Group Fall 2016/Spring 2017. From left to right: Nadia Dildar (lab manager), Michael "Avi" Gross (undergraduate student), Aaron "Ari" Meilijson (postdoc), Julio Sepúlveda (PI), Garrett Boudinot (PhD student), Lina Pérez-Ángel (PhD student)

The Organic Geochemistry Group studies the interplay between microorganisms, biogeochemical processes, and climate in contemporary settings (e.g., continental margins, marine oxygen minimum zones, extreme environments), and paleo-ecosystems across major climatic/biotic transitions in Earth history (e.g., mass extinction events, greenhouse climates, glacial-interglacial transitions). We approach these systems with a focus on the structures, distributions, and stable isotope composition of cell membrane lipids (biomarkers) that can be identified in water bodies, sediments, soils, and their fossilized remains preserved in the rock record. 

Visit the Organic Geochemistry Laboratory page to see our analytical instrumentation.

How to Join

Please contact Dr. Julio Sepúlveda if you would like to join our group

Contact Information

(Phone) 303 735-6877
SEEL room 214A