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Sedimentology Laboratory

This laboratory provides high-quality data for research projects for INSTAAR researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and outside clients. The laboratory performs both chemical and physical analyses on sediments and other material and encourages students to run their own analyses.

The lab is equipped to measure grain size using a laser diffraction particle size analyzer (Malvern long bed mastersizer), total carbon and inorganic carbon content (Coulometer), magnetic properties (MS, SIRM, and IRM), bulk density and mineralogy (Siemens D5000 X-Ray Diffractometer). Sieves are available for both dry and wet sieve analysis. The lab is equipped with ovens, two freeze dryers, a distilled water system, and analytical balances.

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Contact Information

(Phone) 303 492-5084
(Fax) 303 492-6388
University of Colorado Boulder
4001 Discovery Drive
Campus Box 450
Boulder, CO 80309-0450