High Mountains Adaptation Partnership

Blog: Steep N Deep Project

September 9th, 2014

HiMAP filmmaker Daniel Byers and scientist Ulyana Horodyskyj have been working closely with Zac Bowland of Vanguard Diving and Exploration on a huge film project that involves glacial lakes and GLOFs. They are inviting other HiMAP members to participate. Their goal is to showcase examples of active climate change adaptation and the potential for citizens (such as divers) to actively participate in global stewardship.

This project isn't just about “isolation diving” in glacial lakes in Peru and Nepal, but tries to connect viewers with examples of climate change and real scientists studying it.

Enjoy these images from their presentation and if you’d like to become involved, contact Zac Bowland at zwbowland at gmail dot com, or our old friends Daniel and Ulyana.

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